Cursive Falling Letters

Cursive Falling Letters developed from examinations of text in the world around us, as well as movement of text—both how cursive is the result of the motions of our bodies and how letters move when released from the two-dimensional restraints of a piece of paper or computer screen.

Individual letters cut from paper slowly drop from behind a giant paper curtain, giving a sense that the letters are falling out of the paper and fluttering to the ground below. As the letters accumulate on the ground, they become less legible and more tangled with each other.

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Media: Mixed media (paper, hand-built electronic letter dropping machine, wood)
Dimensions: 4’ x 11’ x 1.5’
Date: 2011

Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery—Philadelphia
Installation View: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery—Philadelphia

Fallen letters accumulate at base
Detail: Fallen letters accumulate at base

letter caught on negative space
Detail: letter caught on negative space

Cut paper curtain
Detail: Cut paper curtain