Yuka Petz received her MFA in Book Arts & Printmaking at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Her major areas of focus are bookbinding and papermaking, utilizing various printmaking methods. She has also recently begun bringing her background in book and paper arts into the worlds of programming and interactive objects, asking where these mediums intersect and how they might meaningfully engage each other.

Yuka studied papermaking at the Awagami Factory in Japan and at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City. She has taught English and bookbinding in Japan and in the U.S, and served on the Board of Directors at Seattle Center for Book Arts in Seattle, Washington. Her books have been exhibited internationally and in the U.S., and are in the permanent collections of several university and public library special collections.

She has a deeply ingrained wanderlust thanks to her mother, who worked as a flight attendant for over thirty years. While living in such varied places as Honolulu, Virginia, Rhode Island, Arikawa (a small town on a remote Japanese island), Brooklyn, Seattle, and Philadelphia, Yuka has sought out numerous bookmaking and papermaking communities. Before beginning her graduate studies, she spent half a year travelling in South America, connecting with other bookmakers and fine artists in Argentina, Paraguay and Peru. She also made sure to take two weeks to spend in a hammock, on the coast of Ecuador. She currently lives and works in New Orleans.